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3 tips for dealing with grody grout on your tile floors

You know those gloomy weekend days when you just can’t stand the thought of heading outdoors and and Netflix has nothing new to offer? Have we got a job for you! Take a look at the grout in your tile...
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Had enough of the cold? Thaw out in a tropical fishing village

More than 1,500 years ago, a double-hulled canoe full of Polynesians landed at Ka Lae, on the southern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. If they came from the Marquesas Islands, as many archaeologists believe, it was a journey...
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Are online real estate agent reviews reliable?

If you’re one of those people who won’t buy a product or use a service until you’ve checked the online reviews, then you are as pleased as we are with the proliferation of review sites. Do you ever wonder if...
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3 home safety hazards and how to prevent them

We all get complacent when it comes to safety factors in our homes, so let’s make 2018 the year we look at our sanctuaries with an eye toward making them safer. We’ve compiled some tips on how to prevent the...
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Negotiating with the buyer after the home inspection

Negotiating the successful close of a home sale begins with price and contract terms and doesn’t end until the deal closes. One of the most frequently negotiated items, after the aforementioned price and terms, has to do with the home...
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How to keep your windows from fogging up in the winter

All those gorgeous windows that allow summertime sunshine to stream through the home are useless to view the winter wonderland outside if the glass is covered in fog. When that frosty outdoor air hits the heated glass of a window,...
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Do I Have to Use the Builder’s Lender and Real Estate Agent?

The real estate industry does a spectacular job educating first-time homebuyers. There’s so much valuable information out there that no buyer should go through the process uninformed. Buying a home in a new community – a brand-new home that no-one...
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Critical winter home staging tips

Winter home sales don’t have to be as challenging as you may think. Sure, the sun isn’t always shining and you may be contending with snow and ice in your landscaping, but we’ve got some hacks to help cozy up...
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4 quick and easy winter home maintenance tasks

Winter hibernation – that feeling that we should burrow our heads under the covers until spring — is typically fruitless. Since scientists warn us to “keep moving” to release endorphins which will help us keep “winter tiredness” at bay, we’ve...
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Selling a luxury home? 4 qualities to look for in a real estate agent

Selling a luxury home is unlike any other real estate transaction. The marketing is different, the potential buyers are different and the entire sales process is as well. We hear from our luxury home clients that they found locating the...
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